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A list of Xanth characters

A list of Xanth characters by Name

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Note: Book numbers shown with a capital M (M23) indicate a major character in that book. Book numbers shown with a small m (m23) indicate just a mention of that character. Characters are considered included in a book if they are mentioned or are in the current area.
The Database does not allow duplicates between Character and Species. Since the author does occasionally repeat Characters within a species, all duplicates will have something in brackets[] after the Character Name; an abbreviated book title. Example: The first Astrid/Crossbreed will be Astrid [FAG] for the Astrid in Fawn And Games, where she appears, and the second Astrid/Crossbreed will be Astrid [BS] for the Astrid in Board Stiff, the first book in which she appears. If the Character duplicate is in the same book, it will get a 1, 2, etc. and the book abbveviation. Example: Well-Tempered Clavicle has 2 Aaron/Human. They will be Aaron 1 [WTC] and Aaron 2 [WTC].
S R Sheperd  Human  Mundania  Ability to conjure a fragment of the void  Collect things and wants to stop them from finding Pluto.  33 
S Trojan  Human  Xanth    Boyfriend of Tess Tosterone; meek.  32 
Sabir  Salamander  Xanth      m46 
Sabrina  Human  Xanth  Holography   A young and beautiful woman who was Bink`s first romantic interest.   1, m2 
Sad Ness  Ness Monster  Xanth    In the Punderground  m30 
Sage  Human  Xanth    Spice Girl  28 
Sage  Demoness  Hades    Won`t help with fire ants. An emulation of Metria. Owner of Guardian.  26 
Sali  Salamander  Xanth    Vinia`s host  46 
Sally  Human  Xanth  Curing chicken feathers` fade  Wife of Donald before he became a shade. 
Sally Graham  Human  Mundania    Came to Xanth and became the Cookie Lady  27 
Salmon Ella  Creature  Xanth    Poisonous  23 
Salmonella  Human  Xanth    A young woman who cooked wonderful but contaminated food for Grey after his computer arranged their date.  12 
Salt Peter  Human  Xanth  Disinterest in summoning the stork  Brother of Afro Disiac  24, 28 
Sam [HT]  Human  Xanth    Challenge for Gloha. A human youth, part of the lock-key.  17 
Sam [JR]  Human  Xanth  locate related things    43 
Sam Dog  Dog  Mundania    Pet of Matt Heffelbower  29 
Samantha  Human  Xanth  Find flesh    33 
Sammy  Cat  Two Moons  finding things, except home  Mate of Claire Voyant; father of Kitten Kaboodle; pet of Jenny Elf; cute orange fluffball  M13, 15, M16, 19, 20, 22, M26, 33, m35, m42 
San D  Demon  Hades    Spread beach sand all around  m35 
Sand D  Human  Xanth    Adopted by Sand Witch; girl good with sand.  39 
Sand Witch  Sandwoman  Pyramid    On Pyramid Green Face  22 
Sand Witch  Human  Xanth    Girlfriend of Tuff Stuff; adoptive mother of Sand D; member of the troupe. single adoptive mother of Sand D  M32, 39 
Sandy  Sandman  Pyramid    On the Green Face  22 
Sania Sow  Crossbreed  Animalia    Porcine Castle  44 
Santo  Human  Xanth  makes holes  Adopted by Fornax and Nemesis, will grow up gay.  M39, M42, M43, M44, m45 
Sapphire  Salamander  Xanth    Queen  46 
Sara  Human  Xanth      45 
Sara Nade  Human  Xanth    Girlfriend of Brant (WTC); every man who sees her wants to serenade her.  35 
Sarah  Human  Xanth Reality2  Can`t Be Harmed by Physical Things    30 
Sarah Spinel  Human  Mundania    mundane female paleontologist, expert of Spinosaurus  45 
Sarah Spirlock  Human  Mundania    First colonist to Counter-Xanth. Mundane who needed healing elixir but was immune to it. Settled in area where sick become well.  27 
Sarge  Insect  Xanth    Ant in Region of Madness  19 
Sarge Ants  Ant  Xanth    Pun  42 
Sati Sfaction  Human  Xanth    Innocent girl played by Sharon  33 
Satori  Crossbreed  Plane    Girl/Cat  28 
Sattila the Sun  Human  Xanth  Can be very bright and hot  Brother of Attila the Pun; can brighten your day  35 
Saturn  Major Demoness  EveryWhere  All Magic  In X(A/N)TH`s social system; name stylized as **SA<<T/U>>RN**.  m9, 20, 25, m38, 39, m44 
Save-A-Tooth Tiger  Feline  Xanth    Collect teeth from the Tooth Fairy because they have a part of the soul. Gives them to children who need souls.  34 
Sb  Human  Xanth    The Sin Bursar, a human woman in charge of Sin Tax, at Humfrey`s castle.  17 
Scab  Human  Xanth    Husband of Svelte; father of Hugh Mongus  m21 
Scintilla  Human  Ptero  Being the exception  Daughter of Vendetta and Crony  21 
Scott  Human  Xanth Reality6  Can Dematererize Atoms    30 
Screwdriver  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member and guard of the Tool elf tribe. 
Scrounge  Goblin  Xanth    Goblin of Goblin Mountain.  13 
Scylla  Zombie  Ptero    Zombie sea monster on Zombie  26 
Sea Girl  Human  Xanth    See Sea Hag  m24 
Sea Hag  Human  Xanth  Immortality  Wife of Green Horn; sorceress who achieves her immortality by taking over the body of a new person or creature after her old one dies. Previously known as Sea Girl when she was young.  M9, 14, m18, 24, m25, m28, m29, m30, m41, M43, 44 
Sea Kingdom King  Human  Xanth      42 
Sea Kingdom Queen  Human  Xanth      42 
Seachel  Human  Xanth  cloning    24 
Sean Baldwin  Human  Mundania  Flight without wings  Son of Jim Baldwin by his first wife, age 17, hair dark almost black, loves Willow Elf, granted magic talent by Nimby.  M20, 21, m23, m25, m27 
Seashell Girl  Human  Xanth    Girl selling sea shells by the sea shore  45 
Seel  Fish  Xanth    Coelacanth who took Wenda to the Kraken  34 
Sela Sea Nymph  Nymph  Xanth    Girlfriend of Eli; has an islet in sea  36 
Selene  Demoness  Xanth    Demoness in charge of the Moon, whose power is Light  m42 
Semi Sea Monster  Monster  Xanth    Forages in sea  36 
Sending  Program  Xanth    An emulation of Com Pewter on Grey Murphy`s Mundane computer.  12, 20 
Seren  Human  Xanth    Temporary name of Amber Dawn, since she ended up with the Seren Dip Ity pacifier, until she outgrows it.  27 
Seren Dip Ity  Thing  Xanth  makes happy things happen that you don`t expect.  Broken pacifier that gives you the name Saren and its talent; overrules your previous name and talent.  27 
Serena  Crossbreed  Xanth    Winged girl  22 
Serendipity  Serpent  Xanth    Daughter of Sesame and Souffle  m32 
Serenity  Human  Xanth  Spreading Peace Around Her  Human Identity of Simurgh  30 
Sesame  Serpent  Xanth  Emulation  Mate of Souffle; trapped in the basement of Castle Zombie while fleeing from another sea serpent; found by Breanna and Justin after the Zombie Master retired and named Drivel.  M26, 29, 30, 31, m32, 33, 34 
Sexy Ness  Ness Monster  Xanth    In the Punderground  m30 
Seymour Bones  Zombie  Xanth    Pun: see more bones  22 
Shadow  Human  Xanth  becomes a shadow    35 
Shadows  Human  Xanth    Boyfriend of Heather (former); father of Veleno; village idiot  m17 
Sharina  Human  Xanth  Turn Night Into Day  Sister of Suretha; creation of Olive Hue.  29 
Sharoff  Crossbreed  Hell    Minion of Fletcher  33 
Sharon  Human  Xanth  can heal other folks` injuries    23 
Sharon  Demoness  Hades  Able to fathom things  Sister of Charon; lover of Pluto. Keeps trying to convert Jumper, but she lies and he doesn`t trust her.  M33 
Sharon  Alicentaur  Xanth    Transformed from human to winged centaur  22 
Shaunna  Human  Xanth  seldom scene, make things not seen  In Unwelcome; member of the troupe, lighting and scene changer  M32 
Shaunture  Centaur  Xanth  mispronunciation  Whatever he mispronounces, appears  23 
She Three  Human  Gourd    Aspect of MPD, she makes objects stick to each other.   19 
Sheba  Dog  Mundania    Dog of Pearl Valley  26 
Sheila  Centaur  Xanth    Buxom mare with brown tresses  20 
Shenita Life Guard  Human  Xanth  Warn people of trouble next day, so they can escape it.   In Scoop; can`t warn of trouble today and can`t warn a person more than once.  34 
Shepard  Human  Xanth    Minds sheep.Cursed by the Night Stallion. Can`t escape until he is rescued by a fair maiden or a horrendous monster. He is cursed to butcher 10 of his flock per day. Falls in love with Phanta.  33 
Sherlock  Human  Mundania    Husband of Clio; adoptive father of Ciriana. An average-looking black man in his thirties. He volunteers to accompany Nada and Dug on their adventure, and scout out Xanth for the rest of the Black Village. Begins to develop magic powers with reverse wood while he has an adventure with Clio. They continually strenghthen until he becomes the Magician of Reversal.  M16, 17, 19, m23, M28 
Sherlock [SCP]  Shee  Xanth    Early 40s, blue hair and eyes. First prince. Father of Birdie  M46 
Sherlock [TOF]  Human  Xanth    Birdie’s father  m45 
Sherry [UIAH]  Human  Xanth  Kisses sweet as wine    26 
Sherry [YIW]  Human  Xanth  shrinks things  Triplet sister of Terry and Merry.  20 
Shoe  World  Ida`s Worlds    Ida`s 11th moon Has every old woman and many children, so no one knew what to do.   26, 27, m31 
Short P Ants  Ant  Xanth    Pun  42 
Shy Violet  Human  Xanth  Blends into the scenery at will, when there is a violet around  Sister of Skyler  35 
Sick Ness  Ness Monster  Xanth    In the Punderground  m30 
Side Hill Hoofer  Sidehill Hoofer  Xanth    Challenge, a lopsided goat that runs around the mountain 
Siesta  Siren  Xanth    queen of the siren band  46 
Sigh Clopedia  Human  Xanth    Pun: `cyclopedia  23 
Signal  Siren  Xanth    Vinia’s host  46 
Sil  Fish  Xanth      m42 
Silent Knight  Human  Comic    Took oath of silence, won`t let talking persons pass.  34 
Silhouette  Human  Mundania    Very beautiful Mundane woman who became a ghost because she did not kill herself enough. She did not have enough gumption to defeat the evil people in her life. Cube had to borrow her body and provide the gumption. She became a good friend and helped her find Kim Mundane when she needed her.  27 
Silica  Golem  Xanth  can affect her own reality, to a degree, changing form augmented by illusion  Princess of the Mineral Elves. other name of Robota used in the past. golem made by Com Pewter to study weather.  23 
Sim  Bird  Xanth    Son of the Simurgh; husand of Ilene; will inherit the universe in due course  19, 20, 22, m23, M24, M25, m26, m28, m29, m30, M31, m38, 43 
Simon  Human  Xanth  says things and they happen    m23 
Simurgh  Bird  Xanth    The oldest and wisest of birds in the universe. She is the keeper of seeds, and reads minds. Her feathers have magical healing properties. Feathers like light and shadow, head bears a crest of fire. Also has a human identity, Serenity.   7, 11, m13, m14, 15, 19, m20, m22, m23, m24, 25, m28, 30, 31, m38, m43 
Sin Bursar  Human  Xanth    See Sb  17 
Sir Comspect  Human  Xanth    Tended to evade casual notice  m29 
Sir Culation  Human  Xanth    Doesn`t get around much  33 
Sir Cumnavigate  Human  Xanth    Can get around anything  m29 
Sir Cumstance  Human  Xanth    Where idle sirs gather in the gourd  m33 
Sir Fer  Human  Xanth    Preferred to ride sea horses  m29 
Sir Junn  Human  Xanth    Doctor  33 
Sir Loin Stake  Feline  Xanth    Leader of the pride of loins  m4 
Sir Pent  Naga  Xanth    Was a Naga  m29 
Sir Pent  Human  Xanth    Stays close to the ground  33 
Sir Prise  Human  Xanth    Liked to pop up unexpectedly  m29 
Sir Prize  Human  Xanth    Amazed  33 
Sir Q Lation  Human  Xanth    Library pun  23 
Sir Tain  Human  Xanth    Inspired confidence  m29, 33 
Sir Tified  Human  Xanth    Crazy  33 
Sir Vant  Human  Xanth      33 
Sir Vey  Human  Xanth    Lists and itemizes many things  33 
Sir Vice  Human  Xanth    Wants to help  33 
Sir Vivor  Human  Xanth    Does what he needs to endure  33 
Sir Voyant  Human  Xanth    Obsequious  33 
Sir Winslow Cromwell Wentworth XV  Thing  Xanth    dust bunny under Arjayess` bed.  m26 
Sire  Demoness  Hades    Beautiful demoness who incites desire (D.Sire = pun) in men. Mentia`s friend.  21 
Siren  Merwoman  Xanth  Luring men with her music  Sister of Gorgon; wife of Morris; mother of Cyrus; magnificent voice and a magical dulcimer with which she enchants men luring them to her island.  2, m3, M5, 6, 14, 16, 23, m24, m29, m31 
Sirius  Major Demon  Everywhere  All Magic  In X(A/N)TH`s social system; name stylized as S(IR)ius; anonymale.  m9 
Sis  Human  Mundania    Family of Melody Irene.  m24 
Skimpy  Skeleton  Xanth    In Hades; figment trying to get Picka off path  35 
Skully  Skeleton  Gourd  Can change his bones to become weapons or other things  Boyfriend of Joy`nt; ship sank out of the gourd.  M35, 36 
Skyla  Human  Xanth Reality    Girlfriend of Arlis; going to be Mistress of the Sky  30 
Skyler  Human  Xanth  turn gray days into sunshiny ones in his vacinity or imbue folk with sunny feeling  Brother of Shy Violet  35 
Slander  Curse Fiend  Xanth    acurse friend acting in a play  m26 
Sleaze  Monster  Xanth    The moat monster of Castle Zombie.  10 
Sleeping Beauty  Curse Fiend  Xanth    Wife of Crunch; mother of Smash; once played the role of Sleeping Beauty. She was "rescued" by Crunch ogre who didn`t know that she was acting. 
Sleepy Ness  Ness Monster  Xanth    In the Punderground  m30 
Slow Comb  Ogre  Xanth    Prospective husband for Okra in the opinion of her aunt Fannie.  m15 
Sludge  Zombie  Xanth    Zombie at Castle Zombie  26 
Slum Burr  Human  Xanth  Makes folks sleepy    33 
Smart Alec  Human  Xanth      22 
Smart Alec  Donkey  Xanth    2nd challenge at the Good Magician`s Castle  40 
Smash  Crossbreed  Xanth    Son of Sleeping Beauty and Crunch; husband of Tandy  3, M4, M5, 6, m7, m9, 10, m11, 14, m15, m17, m19, m20, m21, 25, 26, m27, 33 
Smith  Human  Mundania    In the Black Village; a blacksmith.  m16 
Smithereen  Ogre  Xanth    Husband of Okra; ogre from Ogre-fen-ogre Fen smashing and bashing his way to Okra`s village. Along the way, he is Gobble Goblin`s champion in the contest for the Goblin Mountain Chiefdom.  15, m17, 19, m24, 29, m33 
Smoker  Human  Xanth    Chain smoker  m24 
Smokey of Stover  Dragon  Xanth    A dignitary at Chex`s wedding  11 
Smoky Quartz  Human  Xanth Reality6  Constantly Heated Up About Something  Boyfriend of Rose Quartz  30 
Smote Smoker  Dragon  Xanth    Queen of the landbound Smoker dragons. sultry, sexy, when she tries  45 
Smuggler  Horse  Mundania    Horse from Mundania, hunted during the time of no bad dreams.  26 
Snafu  Snail  Xanth    queen of the snails  46 
Snagglesnoot of Synchromesh  Monster  Xanth      11 
Snarl  Dog  Xanth    Formed from Ursa`s tangled hair  20 
Snazzy  Snail  Xanth    host for the snails recruitment  46 
Snide  Human  Xanth    Man that was bothering Phelra  m19 
Sniffer  Animal  Xanth  Can sniff and tell if someone has magic    1, 2 
Sniffer  Robot  Xanth    Robot bomb sniffer  M37 
Sniper  Harpy  Xanth      37 
Snortimer  Bed Monster  Xanth    Monster under Ivy`s bed.  M9, m10, m11, m12, 17, 26 
Snotnose  Goblin  Xanth    Rebellious goblin   31 
Snowman  Creature  Xanth    Abominable snowman in the mountains of the Water Region 
Sofia Socksorter  Human  Mundania  Sorting Socks  Wife of Humfrey; mother of Crombie; chosen from Mundania for her domestic acumen. Author of a play. Sometimes called Sofia.  14, 15, m17, 20, 21, m25, 27, m28, 32, 38, 40, 41, 45, m46 
Softcover  Human  Xanth    A paper-backed man  23 
SOGA  Monster  Gourd    Girlfriend of Aaron (WTC.4) who burned off her fur and found a good-looking girl; refugee from dream realm; Sea Of Grusome Arms  35 
Son  Human  Ptero  Manipulate Men`s Minds  Character in Sofia`s play  21 
Song  Human  Xanth  Dumb Luck    29 
Sonya  Human  Xanth Reality  Figuring Things Out    30 
Sophia Isadora  Human  Mundania    In Xanth Reality 6; acrobat From Mundania  30 
Souffle  Serpent  Xanth    Mate of Sesame; Castle Roogna`s sea serpent moat monster and sometime baby-sitter.  14, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, m23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, m30, m32, 34, 36 
Sourdough  Monster  Xanth Reality6    Castle Rockbound moat monster  30 
SpartAnn  Human  Xanth    Relative of MareAnn  m25 
Spelfie  Fairy  Xanth  only visible when someone was thinking about her.  Tree fairy  40 
Spell Doctor  Human  Xanth  Diagnosing spells  An elderly woman in King Trent`s household. The Spell doctor can view the effects of a spell, and figure out their cause. 
Spider  World  Ida`s Worlds    Another of Ida`s moons. Shaped like and inhabited by spiders  31 
Spider Mon  Spider  Xanth    Pet of Roy  m20 
Spinosaurus  Dinosour  Xanth    predator of a hundred million years ago  45 
Spiral  World  Ida`s Worlds    Ida`s 7th moon. Looks like a galaxy.   22, 26, 27, m31 
Spring of Life  Spring  Xanth  Healing  A magical, conscious spring who influences anyone it heals to never act against its interests. 
Spunky  Dog  Mundania    German Shepherd and Samoyed mix, white and light tan with a white nose, white brows and freckles. In Umlaut 7`s chest.   30 
Squid  Alien  Xanth    Adopted by Kandy and Ease; mock octopus.  M39, M42, M43, M44, 45, 46 
Sta Sis  Human  Xanth    Sister of Tiara; makes anything stop.  m38 
Stacey Steamer  Dragon  Xanth    See Stella Steamer  m8, 10 
Stanley Steamer  Dragon  Xanth    See Gap Dragon  M7, 8, M9, 10, 11, 12, m13, m14, m17, m18, 19, m21, m23, m25, 26, m27, m30, 33, 34, 35, 36, 39 
Stanley Stork  Stork  Ptero    A stork at the Stork Works  21 
Starr  Human  Xanth  Twinkling like a double star  A young woman in Humfrey`s service for one year. She takes over Sofia`s domestic chores.  14 
Steel  Human  Xanth  can become any weapon  Became Attila`s sword, then a magic mirror to help Pundora find Dawn.  35 
Stefan Steamer  Dragon  Xanth Reality6    Gap Dragon in Reality 6  30 
Stella Steamer  Dragon  Xanth    Mate of Stanley Steamer; assumes responsibility for guarding the gap during the time he was youthened. Also known as Stacey Steamer.  7, M9, 19 
Stench  World  Ida`s Worlds    world where Sim Bird is researching  43 
Steph  Human  Xanth  Freeze Things in Place    31 
Stephanie [CE]  Human  Mundania    6 year old child from Mundania.  28 
Stephanie [SN]  Human  Xanth Reality6  Summon soda tsop    m30 
Stephen Wolfe  Human  Xanth  attracts women who are madly in love with him in his presence, but forget about him in his absence.   Leader of the extinct May I tribe.  34 
Steropes  Cyclops  Xanth    Power of Air with his brothers Brontes and Arges until they fell out of favor.  m7 
Steven Steamer  Dragon  Xanth    Son of Stella and Stanley  19, m21 
Stifle  Stork  Xanth    Officer of the Day at the Stork Works.  30 
Stigma  Zombie  Xanth    Zombie werewolf  22 
Stile  Human  Xanth    Blue Adept; from Apprentice Adept series  m14 
Stock  Human  Xanth    Lock, Stock and Barrel, when they join, they can shoot things or blow them up completely. Aspects of the 3 Princesses  33 
Stone  Human  Xanth  Interpreting things  Son of a local forester; husband of Rosetta  m14 
Storm King  Human  Xanth  Creating Storms  See Aeolus  1, m4, m11, 14, m17, m18, m19, 23 
Stoturyso Wolf  Werewolf  Phaze    Werewolf met while visiting Phaze.  27 
Stover  Dragon  Xanth    Fire-breathing winged dragon  35 
Strator  Demon  Hades    Speed demon cabbie  20 
Stretch  Ogre  Xanth  enlarging or minimizing living things  Grows larger and weaker or smaller and stronger  m25 
Stu the Stonelayer  Human  Xanth    Man Morgan Le Fey stanceled. Restored by Magician Sherlock.  28 
Stum Bull  Bovine  Pyramid    On Blue face, Pyramid  m21 
Stunk  Goblin  Xanth    A recipient of one of Mare Imbrium`s bad dreams, who later delivers a message to her. 
Stupid  Goblin  Xanth    Goblin who didn`t go on Godiva`s mission  m13 
Stymie  Stork  Xanth    Wife of Stymy; who is a female version of him.  30 
Stymy  Stork  Xanth    Head stork; husband of Stymie; wouldn`t deliver Surprise`s baby because he said she was too young and had to help recover it.  M30, 32 
Subcon Tractor  Human  Xanth    One of the Tractor brothers; finishes the jobs others don`t get to  34 
Sue Name  Human  Xanth  Can cause huge waves.    45 
Summer  Human  Xanth Reality6  Repress a Single Memory in Someone    30 
Sunny Sette  Human  Xanth    Daughter of Marmie Sette and Asse Sette; getting pretty in the evening  31 
Suretha  Human  Xanth  Turn Night Into Day  Sister of Sharina; creation of Olive Hue  29 
Surprise  Crossbreed  Xanth  Many  Daughter of Rapunzel and Grundy; wife of Umlaut; mother of Prize; delivered at age 6. With her talent, one never knows what magic will manifest. Initially she showed talents of size change, hair, changing objects, invisibility, and bringing nightfall, later, a whole paragraph more. However, she thinks she can only use each talent once. She now lives in Euphoria in Mundania.  17, M18, 19, m21, m23, 24, M26, m27, 28, 29, M30, m31, m32, m39, m40 
Susan [CuR]  Human  Mundania    Aunt of Silhouette. She was controlling her life.  27 
Susan [SN]  Human  Xanth  Turn the spoken word into tangible shapes and colors    30 
Svelte  Human  Xanth    Wife of Scab; mother of Hugh Mongus  m21 
Swiftmud  Mud Grub  Xanth    Mud grub Trent adapted into a mud slide to use for transportation  M17 
Sword  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  King of the Warrior elves  29 
Sylvanie  Sylph  Xanth    Daughter of Sylvia and Sylvester, kidnapped by goblins.  12 
Sylvester  Sylph  Xanth    Husband of Sylvia, deceased; father of Sylvanie.  m12 
Sylvia  Sylph  Xanth    Wife of Sylvester (widow); mother of Sylvanie; forced by goblins to lure other people to their lair, under threat of death to her child.  12 
Synech Doche  Creature  Xanth    Juror at Grace`l Ossein`s trial; creature having no fixed form, ­it is addressable by any of its parts, and any of its parts by its whole.  11 
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M# - Major Character in that Book. m# - Mention only in that Book.
Tacy  Human  Xanth    Wife of Tristan (HC); can’t speak Xanthian; emulated by Metria to hinder Umlaut`s task; shared her body with Surprise; married to Tristan by Com Pewter.  26 
Take Five  Human  Gourd  Seeing future, five seconds  Aspect of MPD, sees 5 seconds into the future.  19 
Tala  Human  Xanth  Sew Enchanted Clothing    27 
Talent Scout  Human  Xanth  Can Determine People`s Talents    32 
Tallyho  Human  Xanth    Assigns talent to babies and makes sure they apply to the family.  26 
Tamas  Human  Xanth  Changing people`s moods  38, 6`2” 170 lbs, talent of changing people`s moods  44 
Tammi  Human  Xanth    Terri`s alter ego with the talent of seeing through conspiracies, even the Adult  38 
Tandy  Crossbreed  Xanth  Throwing tantrums  Daug of Jewel and Crombie; wife of Smash. The tantrums she throws are explosive detonations, capable of temporarily dismembering a demon.  m4, M5, 6, m9, 10, m11, 14, 17, m19, m21, 25, 26, m27, 33 
Tangelo  Human  Xanth    One of Harmony`s once-a-day women trying to win Bryce`s heart  m36 
Tangle  World  Ida`s Worlds    Ida`s 8th moon.Looks like knots of spahetti.   22, 26, 27, m31 
Tangleman  Human  Xanth    Was a tangle tree until he threatened Ivy. Trent turned him into a man. He has green skin, and barklike clothing.  10, m19 
Tani  Human  Xanth  can tame any nonhuman creature, make a pet of it    38 
Tapis  Human  Xanth  Weaving magical tapestries  Wife of Merlin; mother of Jonathan and Tapis. Small, ancient sorceress, living at the time of Roogna and Murphy. The magic tapestries she weaves enable folk to step into their worlds.  11, m12, m13, m14, m15, m19, 24, 41 
Taplin  Human  Xanth    Daughter of Tapis and Merlin; wife of Roogna; possible wife of Dolpha and mother of Dolin; was supposed to sleep for 1000 years to be awakened by a Prince instead of Electra.  m24, 41, m43 
Tara  Human  Mundania    “tower”--Mundane woman brown hair brown eyes, ordinary. “the Carecrow” in play  M41 
Tard  Bass  Xanth    Grundy tried to use him as a messenger to the Monster of the Sea, but it wants to eat him instead. 
Tartan  Human  Mundania    “commander in chief”--Mundane man brown hair brown eyes, ordinary. “The Trim Woodsman” in play  M41 
Tarzana  Lips  Xanth    their name for the tough red-armored Lips warrior. Blue hair, eyes.  46 
Tasmania Devil  Ogre  Xanth    Bride at a wedding Okra attended. Rumored to be the meanest she-canine of an ogress born in that generation.  m15 
Tasmaniac  Ogre  Xanth    Cousin of the Tasmania Devil.  m15 
Tata  Dogfish  Xanth    Character in `The Lizard of Waz`. a computer dogfish pet. Host to Princess Eve. His bark is worse that his byte.  M41, M42, M43, 44, m45 
Ted  Crossbreed  Xanth    Son of Metria and Veleno now 21. . Handsome, well constructed, curly brown hair  m20, m21, 23, 24, 26, m27, 28, 29, M30, m31, m39, M41 
Teddy Bare  Human  Xanth Reality  makes people naked    30 
Tedmon  Demon  Hades    Son of DeMonica and Ted; conjectured  m23 
Tell-A-Path  Thing  Motes    Tell it where you want to go and it will make a path there.  31 
Teller  Demon  Hades  changing talents  Found on the Isle of Talents. Masquarades as a coin.   23 
Telliam Will  Centaur  Xanth      29 
Tension  Demon  Hades    Challenge 1. Metria subbed for him.  m25 
Tenth  Major Demon  Everywhere  All Magic  In X(A/N)TH`s social system; name stylized as T(E/N)th  m2 
Terian  Mouse  Xanth    Girlfriend of Tristan (HC); Com Passion`s mouse, lovely when she assumes human aspect.  21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28 
Tern of Events  Bird  Xanth  Things can change significantly around me.    40 
Terpsicore  Muse  Xanth    Daughter of Mnem and Ebnez; likes song and dance. Became a Muse.  m28 
Terri  Human  Xanth  moves forward a day to escape sadness: to morning, to avoid mourning    38 
Terri Bull  Bovine  Pyramid    On the Blue Face  m21 
Terri Bull  Crossbreed  Xanth    Adora`s half-sister; bull head, human body  m35 
Terry  Human  Xanth  Enlarges things  Triplet sister of Sherry (YIW) and Merry.  20 
Terry Tamagni  Human  Mundania    Son of Jerry Tamgni; met at an enchanted campsite  27 
Terza  Turtle  Xanth    “girl from the farm” Turtle—apparently human, lovely green hair, eyes, pale green skin. Actually a green turtle, like Turtle. A full telepath, able to read minds and project her image to others..  M45 
Tess  Giantess  Xanth    a giantess. Lovely fair haired, about 20. Can dance, when small enough  42 
Tess Tosterone  Human  Xanth    Girlfriend of S Trojan; very pushy.  32 
Tessa  Human  Mundania  Sidestepping into next realm with Cory    26, M27, 28, m30 
Tesseract  World  Ida`s Worlds    Ida`s 15th moon. A 4-dimensional hyper cube. 81 cubes, all the same size, all in one box. Unlocked by square dancing.   26, 27, m31 
Test  Demon  Hades    Makes a trade with Anomy  24 
Thalia  Muse  Xanth    Daughter of Mnem and Ebnez; Muse of comedy and planting. She caries a smiling face mask and a shepherd`s crook, and wears a wreath of ivy.  7, m28 
The King Cobra  Snake  Pyramid    On the Red Face. AKA King Cobra  21 
The Man  Human  Xanth    Who the storks summon  m30 
Theodore Sturgeon  Sturgeon  Xanth    Consummate stylist, very sharp on details. Leader of fish school  34 
Theresa  Human  Mundania    Challenge 3 for Debra; hydroponics, growing hydras in water.  31 
Thesis  Human  Xanth  Locating Non-Xanth Magic  Wife of Zaven; zombie researching Spancel; restored by Zaven  28 
Thin Lee  Human  Xanth    Person crossing invisible bridge over the Gap Chasm.  27 
Thirza  Human  Xanth    She is my delight”--Regent woman whom nobody likes, on Distaff World   43 
Thom  Human  Xanth    Son of Lauryl and Jacob; member of mundane family lost in Xanth  31 
Thorin  Human  Xanth    Arrow maker in gourd  26 
Threnody  Crossbreed  Xanth  Demonstriation  Daughter of Metria and Gromden; wife of Yin-Yang and then Jordan; can slowly change shape, size and mass. She has lustrous black hair and dark eyes. She caused Jordan`s death by telling him a cruel lie; became a ghost named Renee after her first marriage.  M8, M9, 14, 16, 19 
Thyme  Human  Xanth    Spice Girl  28 
Tiamat  Goddess  Xanth    the spirit of salt water. Akkadian, mother of the gods and dragons. Can assume dragon form  45 
Tiara  Human  Xanth    Girl with wild fair hair enabling her to fly by nulling density. Blue eyes, cherry mouth, nice features and print dress, poised. 18 tomorrow when met. She has many pun sisters  M38, M39 
Ticity  Human  Xanth Reality6  Works with Auth to verify anything`s validity  Twin sister of Auth; Auth 1n1 Ticity  30 
Tiello  Human  Xanth    New Magician that assigns talents  m26 
Tim Burr  Human  Xanth  makes wood appear from nowhere but always falling over    33 
Time Being  Human  Xanth    Scientist  m37 
Time Flies  Insect  Xanth    Resident of Isle of Flies  m38 
Timothea  Demoness  Hades  Conjuring clothing    38, 39 
Timothy  Human  Xanth  Summon Animals  Boyfriend of Psyche  31 
Timur  Human  Xanth  Cooling or Heating Water to Vapor or Ice    31 
Tipsy  Troll  Xanth  Cold shoulder  Wife of Phil Istine; was on the Isle of Women: Female troll who is nevertheless decent. She helps Bink locate dream princes.  M22 
Tish  Human  Xanth Reality  makes folks freak out    m30 
Tisiphone  Fury  Xanth    Fury of guilt; one of three with Megaera and Alecto 
Tittle  Human  Xanth    An emulation of the Demon Xanth, then daughter of Lacuna and Vernon, retroactive, twin to Jot.  14, m30 
Todd  Human  Xanth  Sees Things From More Than 1 Angle.   Eye of the Bee-holder.  33 
Todd Loren  Human  Mundania  Directs winds  Mundane, dead at 32  21 
Tom  Cat  Xanth    The other person Feline matched up with in the Love Spring  m40 
Tom [PP]  Human  Xanth  Literally Undressing Women with His Eyes.    29 
Tom [RAAHP]  Human  Xanth  Conjure a small cloud and pick any tool or weapon from it    m19 
Tom [WTC]  Human  Xanth    Tom Boy. Emulates a boy.  35 
Toney Harper  Human  Xanth  Makes evocative music with his harp    m28 
Tonic  Human  Xanth    Very active.  33 
Tony  Human  Xanth    ordinary man for testing—Changed to Tony, blond, blue eyed, 125 pounds (a real person)  46 
Toon  Creature  Xanth    Water man working in car pool  20 
Tooth Fairy  Fairy  Xanth    Fairy that collect teeth from children  m34 
Torrent  Human  Xanth    Challenge 3 for Lacuna at Humfrey`s castle. Actually Ryver  14 
Torus  World  Ida`s Worlds    3rd of Ida`s moons. Shaped like a doughnut. One who does a service for another comes to like that person, or even love them. If you arrange to exchange favors, they cancel out.   21, 22, m24, 26, 27, m28, m31, 38, m44 
Tovi  Human  Motes  Forever Bungling Things, But Her Mistakes Lead to Larger Scale Benefits    31 
Trace  Demoness  Hades    Alias of Woe Betide when they met with Debra   31 
Tracy Berry McLian  Human  Mundania      35 
Tran  Human  Xanth    Not Tran`s sister, or Tran`s parent, or Tran Lou Cent, merely Tran, completely dull.   28 
Trans Mitter  Human  Xanth  Sends Messages by Projecting Images of Them    27 
Trapezoid  World  Ida`s Worlds    Ida`s 10th moon.  26, 27, m31 
Tree  World  Ida`s Worlds    Another of Ida`s moons. Inhabited by all kinds of trees.  31 
Trem Bull  Bovine  Pyramid    On the Blue Face  m21 
Trenita  Imp  Xanth    Daughter of Quieta; a guide for the Baldwins.  20 
Trenris  Human  Ptero  Reverses effect of other talents  Son of Trent and Iris after youthening; he ages rapidly.  21 
Trent  Human  Xanth  Transformation  King of Human Xanth (19); husband of Iris; father of Irene, Ilene, and Irenti/Trentia. Once an Evil Magician, he was exiled to Mundania for twenty years, before returning to Xanth. His talent allows him to transform others into any other living form.  M1, 2, 3, 4, m5, 6, m7, m8, 9, m10, m11, m12, 13, 14, M17, 18, 19, m21, m22, m23, m24, m25, m27, m28, 29, 31, 34, 36, 37, m38, m42 
Trentia  Human  Xanth    Daughter of Iris and Trent after their youthening (the 3 princesses were not sure of the name) Could be Irenti  m24 
Trevorr  Troll  Xanth    Bus driver-safe, reliable, truculent  34 
Trim Woodsman  Human  Xanth    Character in `The Lizard of Waz`. Played by Tartan  41 
Tristan  Human  Mundania    Son of White Flower and the King of Lioness; Tristan`s namesake.  m26 
Tristan  Troll  Xanth    Boyfriend of Terian; Huaband of Tacy; cursed to love one he can`t have and marry another he doesn`t want; betrayed his village by releasing a succulent human child and was scheduled for a horrible dream; become Com Pewter`s mouse, finding eventual happiness with Mouse Terian.  11, 17, m19, 22, 23, m24, m25, 26, 28, 29 
Troika  Troll  Xanth    An old kitchen servant in Okra`s household.  m15 
Trojan  Night Stallion  Gourd    See Night Stallion  5, 6, m14, m17, 19, 25, 29, m32, 36, 37, m40 
TrojAnn  Human  Xanth    Relative of MareAnn  m25 
Trolla  Troll  Xanth    Lives in a village near the Source of Magic. Is responsible for the proper distribution of the maqic dust.  2, 5, 23 
Trom  Human  Xanth    Beats out a rhythm with a bone (trom-bone)  38 
Tromp  Troll  Xanth    Cave predator  38 
Trou Bull  Bovine  Pyramid    On the Blue Face  m21 
Trover  Troll  Xanth    Troll of the bridge. A trover is a legal action for the recovery of personal property wrongfully converted by someone else for his own use.   40 
Trowel  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member and guard of the Tool elf tribe. 
Troy  Human  Motes  Invoking Monster Qualities    31 
Tru Ants  Ant  Xanth    Pun  42 
Truant  Troll  Xanth    Troll king  46 
Truculent  Troll  Xanth    A troll from Tristan Troll`s village and witness at Grace`l Ossein`s trial.  11, 39 
Trudy  Troll  Xanth    Con Troll`s friend  41 
Truman  Troll  Xanth    Leader of two henchmen trolls.  39 
Tsunami  Human  Xanth  Liquidation    22 
Tuck  Human  Xanth  Pause time for others, not himself    35 
Tuff Stuff  Human  Xanth    Boyfriend of Sand Witch; Challenge 1 for Cyrus Cyborg, vendor selling stone; member of the troupe, male lead.  M32 
Tu-Morrow  Human  Xanth Reality  Can See Day Into Future    30 
Turn Key  Human  Mundania    Mundane keeper of the Gate at No Name Key, where the Night Mares depart Xanth to carry bad dreams to Mundanes.  11, 12, m20 
Turtle  Turtle  Xanth    companion, can assume any reptile form. Ninja Turtle can talk.  M45 
Tweeter  Bird  Mundania    Parakeet, Karen Baldwin`s pet, brownish feathers. Migrated to Xanth when got old.   M20, m25, M35, 36, 37 
Tyler  Human  Xanth  has a different small talent every day    22 
Type-O  Demon  Hades  Causes mistakes in words    m25 
Typho  Human  Mundania    Another brother of Isis who kills Osiris  m40 
Tyr Ants  Ant  Xanth    Pun  42 
      124 Characters in T     
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M# - Major Character in that Book. m# - Mention only in that Book.
Ugly Ness  Ness Monster  Xanth    In the Punderground; saw its heart`s desire and let Azalea and children pass.  30 
Ula  Human  Xanth  being useful in ways no one expects  —“Sea Jewel” A lost nine year old girl they pick up—. Kadence`s host. Orange hair and eyes.  M42, M43, M44 
Uland  Unicorn  Xanth  Discerning the truth  A Unicorn, summoned by MareAnn to be Humfrey`s steed.  14 
Umber Ella  Human  Xanth  Never Gets Wet in a Rainstorm    32 
Umlaut  Golem  Xanth  Emulation  Husband of Surpise; father of Prize; created by Fornax for a bet with the semblance of body, life, and awareness. If he accomplishes his chore, Xanth wins. Gained a real soul at the conclusion of his quest.  M26, m27, 28, 29, 30, m31 
Un D  Demoness  Hades    With panties  m35 
Uncle Nym  Human  Xanth    Husband of Auntie Nym  m27 
Uncletigua  Island  Xanth      41 
Unpun  Zombie  Xanth  makes puns disappear  Boyfriend of Punny; lost his sense of humor when he became a zombie, got it back when he came back to life.  M25 
Updoc  Rabbit  Xanth    Another name for Bettle Bunny  45 
Upp Sette  Human  Xanth  Get Upset  Daughter of Marmie Sette and Asse Sette  31 
Up-Setter  Dog  Xanth    Pet of Vera Similitude  m22 
Urania  Muse  Xanth    Daughter of Mnem and Ebnez; likes astronomy, became a Muse.  m7, m28 
Uroborus  Serpent  Xanth    Serpent who circled the world and held his tail  m12 
Ursa  Human  Xanth    Girl from whose tangled hair her companion dog Snarl formed  20 
Utan  Pun  Xanth    Orange utan  20 
      16 Characters in U     
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M# - Major Character in that Book. m# - Mention only in that Book.
Vadne  Human  Xanth  Topology  Wife of Murphy; mother of Grey; a woman of the past, changes the appearance of things without changing their underlying nature; not quite a Magician; sometimes called "Neo-sorceress"; banished for changing Millie into a book.  3, 12, 13, m14, m21, 23, m24, 26 
Val  Human  Xanth    for Volusian, “Bad Tempered”--Volent guard at night  46 
Van Go  Human  Xanth    Painter in Mundania during Trent`s visit  m17 
Vanity  Nymph  Xanth    a nymph in a bra  41 
Vanna Jane Morrow Shelton  Human  Mundania    woman from Mundania  25 
Veleno  Human  Xanth  changes white popcorn into rainbow-colored popcorn  Son of Heather, whose name means "poisoned gift". He is a nymphomaniac, obsessed with nymphs.  17, 19, m30 
Vendetta  Human  Xanth    Mother of Scintilla by Crony  m21 
Venus  Major Demoness  Everywhere  All Magic  In X(A/N)TH`s social system; name stylized as V{E\N}us; fatale femme.  m9, m19, 20, 25, 28, 34, m37, m38, 39 
Venus Vila  Vila  Xanth    Nasty Vila who tried to seduce and hurt Hugo and Random factor  31 
Vera Similitude  Human  Xanth    Isle of Women: With her dogs Disa Pointer and Up-Setter  22 
Vernon  Human  Xanth  Causing vertigo  Husband of Lacuna; father of Ryver, Jot, and Tittle; past boyfriend who becomes Lacuna’s husband retroactively.  14, m24, m27 
Versa  Human  Xanth  Changes Opposites Back    27 
Vertex  Dragon  Xanth    Mate of Vortex. Medium-small suction tunneling friendly telepathic dragon  29 
Vice  Human  Xanth  Change Anything to Its Opposite    27 
Victoria  Nymph  Xanth    a nymph in a bra  41 
Vida Vila  Vila  Xanth  Form-changing  A nature nymph who would like to marry Dolph. She can change forms at will and is diligent in the protection of her lands. She was a replacement companion for Nada Naga.  11, 16 
Vigor  Human  Xanth    Character in a tale of the Ass O` of Nine Tails, Mother Hen and her sons Vim and Vigor  m16 
Vim  Human  Xanth    Character in a tale of the Ass O` of Nine Tails, Mother Hen and her sons Vim and Vigor  m16 
Vindi Cate  Human  Xanth    Lawyer for the defense  33 
Vinia  Human  Puzzle  short range telekenisis  , “of the quiet life” Ion’s girlfriend, talent of short range telekinesis  44, M46 
ViOgra  Ogress  Xanth    Sex-crazed orgess  24 
Viola  Human  Xanth    Prince. lead character in play, played by Hapless. Prince of the Kingdom of Chicken Little, where eggs are popular  m40 
Viola Corn  Unicorn  Phaze    Unicorn met while visiting Phaze.  27 
Violet  Human  Mundania  makes things friendly  Won`t help with fire ants. An emulation of Metria.  26 
Virgin Mary  Human  Mundania    Name the Christians gave Isis  m40 
Virginia Wolf  Werewolf  Xanth    Leader of the werewolves.  18 
Vision  Centaur  Ptero      21 
Vita Man A  Human  Xanth    Challenge 1 for Che; sees well.  25 
Vita Man B  Human  Xanth    Challenge 1 for Che; excellent nerves.  25 
Vita Man C  Human  Xanth    Challenge 1 for Che; beats common cold.  25 
Vita Man D  Human  Xanth    Challenge 1 for Che; strong bones.  25 
Vita Man E  Human  Xanth    Challenge 1 for Che; strong heart.  25 
Vladimir  Human  Xanth    “Ruler of all”--the Volent king.  m46 
Void  Human  Xanth  can reverse a prior Happening.  3rd Challenge at the Good Magician`s Castle  40 
Volney  Vole  Xanth    Mate of Wilda; grey fur and brown eyes above ground, but the colors reverse below ground; silver talons that fit over his own with which he can tunnel amazingly fast.  M10, m11, m12, 14, m25 
Volney Volent  Human  Xanth    Volent squad leader  46 
Voracia  Human  Xanth  changes bra and panties to any style or substance  Leader of Isle of Woman; violet eyes, black/purple hair.  22 
Vore  Demon  Hades    Son of Grossclout, a young prince; husband of Nada Naga; father of DeMonica  19, 20, m21, m22, 23, 24, m28, 29, m30 
Vortex  Dragon  Xanth    Mate of Vertex. Medium-small suction tunneling friendly telepathic dragon  29 
Vortex  Human  Xanth  Summoning demons  King of Human Xanth (7)  m19 
Vu  Human  Xanth  Sees the past  Twin sister of Deja; young woman  20 
      41 Characters in V     
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KEY - Xanth Titles; so far, by the numbers: (Click on a Book Title & see more info on that book.)
1 A Spell For Chameleon [ASFC]  2 The Source Of Magic [TSOM]  3 Castle Roogna [CaR]  4 Centaur Aisle [CA] 
5 Ogre, Ogre [OO]  6 Night Mare [NM]  7 Dragon on a Pedestal [DOAP]  8 Crewel Lye [CL] 
9 Golem In The Gears [GITG]  10 Vale Of The Vole [VOTV]  11 Heaven Cent [HC]  12 Man From Mundania [MFM] 
13 Isle Of View [IOV]  14 Question Quest [QQ]  15 The Color Of Her Panties [TCOHP]  16 Demons Don't Dream [DDD] 
17 Harpy Thyme [HT]  18 Geis of the Gargoyle [GOTG]  19 Roc And A Hard Place [RAAHP]  20 Yon Ill Wind [YIW] 
21 Faun & Games [FAG]  22 Zombie Lover [ZL]  23 Xone Of Contention [XOC]  24 The Dastard [TD] 
25 Swell Foop [SF]  26 Up In a Heaval [UIAH]  27 Cube Route [CuR]  28 Currant Events [CE] 
29 Pet Peeve [PP]  30 Stork Naked [SN]  31 Air Apparent [AA]  32 Two to the Fifth [TTTF] 
33 Jumper Cable [JC]  34 Knot Gneiss [KG]  35 Well-Tempered Clavicle [WTC]  36 Luck of the Draw [LOTD] 
37 Esrever Doom [ED]  38 Board Stiff [BS]  39 Five Portraits [FP]  40 Isis Orb [IO] 
41 Ghost Writer in the Sky [GWITS]  42 Fire Sail [FS]  43 Jest Right [JR]  44 Skeleton Key [SK] 
45 A Tryst of Fate [TOF]  46 Six Crystal Princesses [SCP]  47 Apoca Lips (The Xanth Novels) [AL]   
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Doug Harter maintains the Xanth Character Database, updating it as new books in the Xanth series are released. Thanks to Piers Anthony, for letting me see some of his Character Notes, to Peg Rombach-Riggs who did the work creating the original table, Seajay who supplied the numbers, Dawn M. Burge for suggesting and helping Origin to be accomplished, and FNProgramvare's BookCat, which I use to store the Xanth Character info.
NOTE: No books will be included which are not released.

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