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A list of Xanth characters

A list of Xanth characters by Name

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Note: Book numbers shown with a capital M (M23) indicate a major character in that book. Book numbers shown with a small m (m23) indicate just a mention of that character. Characters are considered included in a book if they are mentioned or are in the current area.
The Database does not allow duplicates between Character and Species. Since the author does occasionally repeat Characters within a species, all duplicates will have something in brackets[] after the Character Name; an abbreviated book title. Example: The first Astrid/Crossbreed will be Astrid [FAG] for the Astrid in Fawn And Games, where she appears, and the second Astrid/Crossbreed will be Astrid [BS] for the Astrid in Board Stiff, the first book in which she appears. If the Character duplicate is in the same book, it will get a 1, 2, etc. and the book abbveviation. Example: Well-Tempered Clavicle has 2 Aaron/Human. They will be Aaron 1 [WTC] and Aaron 2 [WTC].
Jack  Human  Xanth    Character in a play performed for the Curse Friends by Trent, Gloha, Marrow, Metria and Graeboe  m17 
Jack in the Box  Golem  Xanth    Challenge 2. A snakelike golem hidden in the outer wall of Humfrey`s castle whose job it is to persecute trespassers. challenge 2  3, 35 
Jack Of Diamonds  Human  Xanth    A voice at Jacks-on-Ville  m20 
Jack Pot  Human  Xanth    Pun: Jackpot  22 
Jack Spratt  Human  Xanth      m42 
Jackson  Merman  Xanth    Formed when a fish swallowed his lower half  25 
Jacob  Human  Xanth    Husband of Lauryl; member of a mundane family lost in Xanth  31 
Jade  Human  Xanth  makes anything into jade stone    24 
Jaff  Human  Mundania    Husband of Mari; carpenter in the Black Village  16 
Jama  Human  Xanth  Manifesting a sword  A young practical joker of the North Village; stored in Brain Coral pool.  1, m2, 26 
James  Crossbreed  Cone    Nametagger; attacked Hugg and Random Factor and cursed them so they can only move upworld.  31 
James [CuR]  Human  Mundania    Accountant of Silhouette. He was embezzeling her money  27 
James [SN]  Human  Always-Always  Control of sun beams    30 
Jamie  Human  Xanth  Makes things heavier    33 
Jan Itor  Human  Pyramid    Servant at Blue Castle  m21 
Jana  Human  Xanth    A girl who is in love with Braille Centaur, in a relationship that is normally forbidden.  17 
Jane  Lips  Xanth    their name for the pretty Lips woman, shapely in green dress, green eyes, greenish hair  46 
Janel  Human  Mundania  Persuading People  Won`t help with fire ants. An emulation of Metria.  26 
Janell  Human  Xanth  exaggeration    24 
Janet Hines  Human  Mundania    A resident of the fringe of the Region of Madness. She has a fancy iris named after her.  17, 18, 19 
Jason  Human  Always-Always    Proprietor of Jason`s Basin - Hair Removal  m30 
Ja-Son  Human  Mundania    Locating the Golden Fleas on a dragon  m9 
Jay  Weredragon  Gourd    Worked in the gourd supporting bad dreams  19 
Jaycn  Human  Xanth  liquid to gas, solid to liquid, and vice-versa  Magician cursed to have no relationship with a woman whose talent he knew. Came to marry Ida on Pyramid.  27 
Jaylin  Human  Mundania    Girlfriend of David Baldwin; got into a quest for the Swell Foop by accident by dreaming the words; uses the Ring of Void; shares her body with Fornax, unwillingly.  M25, m28 
Jean  Gnome  Xanth  Knows that everything is predetermined by what you start with    24 
Jean  Human  Always-Always  sews without using her hands  Wife of Denim; mother of Blue Jean  m30 
Jean Poole  Human  Always-Always  has all the talents in her ancestry  Daughter of Blue Jean and Whurl Poole; proprietor of Llost and Ffound  30 
Jeanie Yus  Human  Xanth  Intelligence  Cultivates eye-queue vines  23 
Jeeves  Human  Xanth    Zombie butler in the Zombie Master`s household. 
Jeeves [FP]  Demon  Hades    name Astrid gives to guard demon in Hades  39 
Jehial  Human  Mundania    Husband of Arjayess  m26 
Jemima  Human  Xanth    in challenge: woman with a name badge  46 
Jemma  Human  Xanth  drags gems out of rocks    45 
Jennifer  Dog  Mundania    Dog on ship in Mundania encountered by Bink. 
Jenny  Human  Xanth    Granddaughter of Arjayess  m26 
Jenny Elf  Elf  Two Moons  Singing visions  Wife of Jeremy; mother of Jerry and Jone; an elf from the World of Two Moons, inadvertently visiting Xanth. Unlike Xanth`s elves, she has very pointed ears, four fingers, and is quite tall for an elf. Her talent allows her to sing visions into existence for sharing.  M13, m14, 15, M16, m17, M19, 20, m21, M22, m23, 24, m25, 26, m28, 29, 33, m34, 39, 42, 43, m44 
Jeorge  Jinn  Xanth    Brother of Jeorgia; digging out a Jeode, which creates a representation of their home, which was destroyed  24 
Jeorgia  Jinn  Xanth    Sister of Jeorge; digging out a Jeode, which creates a representation of their home, which was destroyed  24 
Jeremy  Werewolf  Xanth    Son of Wolverton; husband of Jenny; Prince of the werewolves  M22, m24, 26, 29, 39, m42 
Jerry  Jinn  Xanth    Junior of Jeorge; digging out a Jeode, which creates a representation of their home, which was destroyed  24 
Jerry Tamagni  Human  Mundania    Father of Terry Tamagni; met at an enchanted campsite  27 
Jerry Welf  Crossbreed  Xanth    Son of Jenny Elf and Jeremy Werewolf  29, 42, 43 
Jess  Human  Xanth  not to be taken seriously  Main character, the lady jester. Dirt brown hair, sickly green eyes, dull figure. Cursed not to be taken seriously. But without the curse, she is lovely.  M43, 44 
Jesse [LOTD]  Human  Xanth  Can make anything lighter, even himself    36 
Jesse [WTC]  Human  Xanth  Makes greased lightning bolts    m35 
Jestin  Human  Xanth  conjure a portable section of the enchanted path    33 
Jesus  Human  Mundania    Name the Christians gave Orus  m40 
Jethro  Giant  Xanth    A giant lying in the region of madness.  18, 19 
Jewel  Nymph  Xanth  smells like her feelings  Wife of Crombie; mother of Tandy; responsible for properly planting all gems in the ground for others to eventually find.  2, m3, 4, 5, m7, m14, 17, m21, m37 
Jezebel  Human  Xanth    One of Harmony`s once-a-day women trying to win Bryce`s heart  36 
Jfraya  Human  Pyramid  Drawing a door that opens  On the Green Face  M21 
Jill  Human  Xanth  turning pink when tickled: tickled pink.  pretty, pale brown hair and eyes. .  42 
Jill [TOF]  Human  Xanth  Truth  Woman with the talent of Truth  45 
Jim  Human  Xanth  makes food  Boyfriend of Acro; member of the troupe, responsible for feeding the everyone  M32 
Jim [SCP]  Human  Xanth    in challenge; man with name badge  46 
Jim Baldwin  Human  Mundania    Husband of Mary Baldwin; Physics Professor at U Of Miami, age 39, black hair  M20, 25 
Jim Nastic  Human  Xanth    Very acrobatic  29 
Jo  Human  Xanth    A girl who fetches Kim at Squeedunk Community College, Mundania.  19 
Joan  Fairy  Xanth    Joan is actually a male fairy, who mistakenly received the name intended for a female (see John the fairy). He marries his misnamed counterpart. 
Jody  Human  Ptero  Healing music  Dawn`s children`s nanny in Ptero. Distant descendant of Jordan/ Threnody, With Drew.  41 
Joe [CaR]  Human  Mundania    A brutish, maladorous member of the Mundane Fifthwave. Not to be confused with Joe of the Black Wave.  3, 28 
Joe [DDD]  Human  Mundania    A member of the Black Wave, a group of black settlers who came to Xanth to escape poor living conditions in Mundania. Not to be confused with Joe the fifth-waver.  m16 
John  Fairy  Xanth    John is actually a female fairy who received the name intended for a male fairy. She marries her misnamed counterpart.  M5 
John  Pun  Xanth    Gets sad letters. Dear John letters.  36 
John  Human  Mundania    Son of Farmer Jones (my son John)  23 
John 1 [TTTF]  Human  Xanth  Wants to Be Accepted for What He Is  Character in Cyrus`s play  m32 
John 2 [TTTF]  Human  Xanth  Creating a local Region of Madness    m32 
Jon  Human  Xanth  summoning things from the Dream Realm  Has been made love to by an angel, so is immune to panties, etc. Possible husband for Merge but wants to punish children  39 
Jonathan  Human  Xanth  Creating zombies  King of Human Xanth (6); husband of Millie; father of Hiatus and Lacua; also known as Zombie Master; Magician, who can reanimate almost any body to make a zombie, including his own.  2, 3, 4, m6, 7, m14, m22, m25, 26, m41 
Jone  Crossbreed  Xanth    Daughter of Jenny and Jeremy; deceased.  m39, m42 
Jordan  Human  Xanth  Healing Himself  Husband of Threnody; is an adventurer and hero who becomes a ghost for 400 years before becoming reanimated. Also known as Jordan the Barbarian  6, m7, M8, M9, m12, m13, 14, m15, 16, 19, m28, m29 
Jordyn  Human  Xanth    Granddaughter of Arjayess  m26 
Jose  Human  Xanth  Empathy: Feel What Others Are Feeling    33 
Joshua  Human  Xanth  Reverse Magician  Circa 1900  m20, m37 
Jot  Human  Xanth    An emulation of the Demon Xanth, then son of Lacuna and Vernon, retroactive, twin to Tittle.  14, m30 
Joy`nt Bone  Skeleton  Xanth    Daughter of Grace`l Ossein and Marrow Bones; sister of Picka; girlfriend of Skully Skeleton  15, m16, m17, 19, m20, M35, 36 
Julius Saucier  Human  Mundania    works wonders with wood.  40 
Jumper [CaR]  Spider  Xanth  makes silk  A jumping spider who accompanies Dor on his tapestry adventure. Since Dor is tiny at these times Jumper seems monstrous. By means of his silk, Jumper can suspend himself, and even fly.  M3, m14 
Jumper [JC]  Spider  Xanth    Descendant of the original Jumper. Can change into man form. Marries Demoness Eris and becomes immortal. She gives him temporary powers of size and form changing and invulnerablity.  M33, M34, m35, m37, m38, 39 
Junk Male  Human  Xanth    Worthless man, utter heel  20 
Jupiter  Major Demon  EveryWhere  All Maqic  In X(A/N)TH`s social system; name stylized as JU[P/I]ter; leading magic Demon.  m9, 20, 25, 26, m29, m30, m38, 39, 44 
Just Ice  Human  Xanth  projecting thought, image, or emotion into mind of person or non-human  Very cold  m24 
Justin  Human/Tree  Xanth  Voice Projection  Husband of Breanna; transformed by Evil Magician Trent into a tree and preferred being that way. His talent allows him to converse with untransformed folk. He takes over Zombie Castle with Breanna.  1, m4, m14, m17, M22, M23, m24, M25, 26, 27, m28, 29, m37 
Justin  Human  Xanth  makes bubble of silence    35 
Justin Case  Human  Ptero  always have just the thing someone needs  Brother of Justin Time; husband of Miss Take.  21 
Justin Kase  Human  Xanth  summons things which might be needed in the future  Suitor; not on the Quest. He is actually Anna Molly, transformed  m36 
Justin Time  Human  Ptero  has his brother present when he is needed  Brother of Justin Case; husband of Miss Inform.  21 
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M# - Major Character in that Book. m# - Mention only in that Book.
Kadence  Human  Xanth  Aligning People and Things to a Cadence. Organization  Daughter of Rhythm and Cyrus; due to a bad spell which accelerated time, she was delivered almost immediately and aged to 6 years old before Rhythm could stop the aging.  M32, M42, M43, m44 
Kahn  Horse  Mundania    Horse from Mundania, hunted during the time of no bad dreams.  26 
Kalt  Human  Xanth  Shaping Ice  Brother of Frosteind  30 
Kandy  Human  Xanth  maybe being irrelevant or eyed  Pretty, smart, but unfulfilled because she is either irrelevant or constantly pursued by Wandering Eyes. She wants adventure, excitement, romance. Gets them, but not the way she wants. Luxuriant midnight hair to her slender waist, matching dark eyes, lovely face. Torso yea-close to absolute perfection. Aka Irrevalent Kandy, I Kandy.   M38, M39, m42, m44, 45 
Kara Oke  Nymph  Xanth    Oak tree nymph; pun  m21 
Karen Baldwin  Human  Mundania    Daughter of Mary and Jim Baldwin, age 7, hair red, eyes blue  M20, 25 
Karia  Alicentaur  Xanth    Mate of Drek; mother of Hadi; spaces out when her name is said; called Kay to avoid affect  M27, 28, m37 
Karla  Alicentaur  Xanth    Transformed from a centaur to a winged centaur  22 
Katka  Feline  Xanth    A feline female in Iris` memory.  m18 
Katriana  Human  Xanth  Replays Real Scenes as Illusion  Was able to tell the story of Pompos City`s downfall by Ragna.   32 
Kay  Alicentaur  Xanth    See Karia  28 
Kaylynn  Human  Xanth Reality6  Can change her appearance for another    m30 
Keaira  Human  Xanth  Makes local weather  Girlfriend of Adam; ordinary appearance, brown braids.  20 
Keepers  Imp  Xanth    In the Realm of Lost Objects  26 
Kel  Human  Xanth  molding `stuff`  Made a bridge over a river for Umlaut with Mol  26 
Kelei  Human  Xanth  Light pattern  Dawn`s children`s nanny in Xanth. With Bernard  41 
Kelsey  Human  Xanth  Hair Changes Color with Her Emotions    27 
Kelvin  Human  Xanth    Slew Golden Dragon; from Kelvin of Rud series  m14 
Ken  Human  Xanth  Telling Opposite of the Future  Passenger on Trollway train  28 
Ker Chief  Human  Xanth    Leader of hand triber, had a label of KER. in the Region of Madness  29 
Kerby  Giant  Pyramid    Brother of Graebo; invisible; Ghina`s uncle; on Red Face  21 
Kero  Unicorn  Ptero    Winged unicorn  21 
Khari Saia  Mermaid  Xanth    Stored things in a water shed.  35 
Kia  Human  Ptero  makes rain    28 
Kiel  Human  Xanth  Adaption    26 
Kim [DDD]  Human  Mundania  Erasure  Wife of Dug, mother of Knut; intrepid and likable Mundane girl competing with Dug in the Xanth adventure game; secured her place in the game by winning a talent contest. Escorts Nimby and Chlorine in Mundania.  M16, M19, m20, M23, m26, 27, m29 
Kim [TTTF]  Human  Xanth  Can Only Be Harmed by Magical Means  Guide in Castle Rock Candy for Sand Witch  32 
King [GWITS]  Human  Xanth    A character in `The Princess and the Hog`, played by Dolin  41 
King [IOV]  Human  Xanth    Character in Chex`s nice dream made for Fracto and used by Jenny   m13 
King Bomb  Insect  Xanth    Tic in Region of Madness  19 
King Cobra [UIAH]  Human  Mundania    Author of Mundanian letter to Nada Naga  m26 
King Finder  Elf  Xanth    of the fee. Giant ears.  46 
King of Lionness  Human  Mundania    Husband of White Flower; father of Tristan.  m26 
Kitten Kaboodle  Cat  Xanth    Daughter of Claire Voyent and Sammy Cat  33 
Kiya  Gnome  Xanth  Complicate Situations    29 
Knight  Crossbreed  Ptero    Son of Mela Merwoman and Naldo Naga  21 
Knight  Human  Xanth    Champion of Knock-Kneed Knights. 
Knight Guard  Human  Xanth    A soldier in Iris` memory.  m18 
Knight of the Living Dead  Zombie  Xanth      46 
Knotweed  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member of the Flower Elf tribe armed with a knotted rope. 
Knuckles McPalm  Bed Monster  Xanth    Monster under Nada`s bed  19 
Knut  Human  Mundania    Son of Kim and Dug  27 
Kody  Human  Mundania  summoning chips of reverse wood  In Xanth in a dream. Boyfriend of Zosi; 27 or 28 years old, 6`6" tall, tan skin; loves 70s cars; intelligent, manly, thoughtful; handsome  M37, m39 
Komodo Li Zard  Dragon  Xanth    Prince of the Isles of Indon Esia, a dignitary at Chex`s wedding  11 
Krakatoa  Human  Xanth    Kraken actor in a curse friend play  m26 
Kress  Centaur  Mundania  spot on wall actually a picture of the future    24 
Krissica  Human  Xanth    Isle of Women: She cries alarm  22 
Kubla  Human  Mundania    Auditor hired by Silhouette  m27 
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M# - Major Character in that Book. m# - Mention only in that Book.
La  Human  Xanth  Changing types of wood  Initials stand for `Lost Angel`  21 
Lacey  Human  Xanth  makes shoe laces    m24 
Lacky  Human  Ptero  what she writes come true briefly  Daughter of Lacuna and Vernon; delivered 1079  24, 27 
Lacuna  Human  Xanth  Conjuring print  Daughter of Millie and Jonathan; sister of Hiatus, twin; wife of Vernon, retroactively; mother, retroactively, of Ryver, Jot, and Tittle; can make print appear on anything, and she can change it at will.  4, 6, 7, m8, 13, M14, m16, m17, m18, m19, m24, m27, m30 
Lady Bug  Insect  Xanth    Girlfriend of Gnonenity; member of the troupe, tending her afhid garden  M32 
Lady Care  Human  Xanth      m37 
Lady Slipper  Nymph  Xanth    Nymph Forrest Faun knows, pun  25 
Lam  Horse  Xanth    Horse part of a centaur which broke apart after going into Mundania  27 
Lamzy Divey  Day Mare  Xanth    Assistant of Mairzy Doates  43 
Larry  Human  Xanth  change ages, but not size or mind.  blue/black hair and eyes, average height, unimpressive. Age 12: talent to change ages, but not size or mind.  M44, 45, 46 
Laser  Human  Xanth    carpetter who can project laser beams from his fingers  39 
Lasha Lamia  Human  Xanth  Creates cloudstones  Isle of Women  22 
Lathe  Elf  Xanth  strength increases as they get closer to their tree  Member and guard of the Tool elf tribe. 
Latia  Curse Fiend  Xanth  curses but one in three is a blessing  An old curse fiend woman, whose every third curse is actually a blessing. She is ugly, and skilled enough with stage makeup to create a face that will curdle water. She is a companion of Volney.  M10, 25 
Lauryl  Human  Xanth    Wife of Jacob; member of a mundane family lost in Xanth  31 
Layea  Human  Xanth  makes any man do her bidding, to a degree  Must know the man for 24 hours, then only has 23 minutes to use her talent. Elder of Pompos City.  32 
Leai  Human  Xanth    Twin sister of Adiana; suicidal, but can`t die because something always stops her  20 
Lee  Human  Gourd    On the lee side of a plain in the Gourd  29 
Leigh  Human  Xanth  makes herself solid as a brick wall  Sister of Anne  29 
Lena  Crossbreed  Xanth Reality  summoning nearest Mundanian animal  Daughter of Hia; mother of Cadence by a tiger; winged human  m30 
Lenora  Human  Xanth  makes people feel guilty    29 
Leslie  Human  Xanth  can put 2 different objects together    33 
Lester  Human  Xanth  turns into humanoid crossbreeds, joint talent with Marton  Twin brother of Marton; known as Less  m23 
Levi  Human  Xanth  Can make forget whorls    m30 
Levi Athan  Crossbreed  Xanth Reality6    Familiar of Morgan Le Fay; elf/whale  m30 
Library Ann  Human  Xanth    In the Region of Madness  m29 
Lija  Human  Xanth  (Bedtime booboos)  Mundane boy, 8, with a bad talent of bedtime booboos he wants to get rid of, and finally does.  m22 
Lily  Human  Xanth    Character in a story told by Jenny Elf  m13 
Lilyette  Nymph  Xanth    a nymph in a bra  41 
Lim Burr  Human  Xanth  Makes things limber    33 
Lings  Creatures  Pyramid  makes impossible possible  Look like two legged squirrels. Were they on Earth, they might be called Earth-lings.  21, 22 
Lita  Human  Xanth    Daughter of young farmer; in Necess City  m32 
Litho  Major Demon  Everywhere  All Magic  The demon that created Earth.   m10, 28, m30, m35 
Little Boy  Human  Xanth    A resident of the village Tristan Troll and his tribe raided.  11 
Little Foot  Human  Xanth    Dancing is fun.  33 
Liz [BS]  Human  Xanth  summoning and taming lizards  Daughter of Wira and Hugo  38, 40 
Liz [JC]  Human  Xanth    Offers diaper service to Maeve  33 
Liz [KG]  Human  Xanth  Sniffs souls    34 
Lliana  Human  Always-Always  Makes Real Things Illusion  Sister of Lliane; brunette  30 
Lliane  Human  Always-Always  Makes Illusions Real  Sister of Lliana; blonde; directed Pyra to Llost and Ffound office  30 
Loch Ness  Ness Monster  Xanth    Found key to the lock and escaped to Mundania.  m30 
Lock  Human  Xanth    Lock, Stock and Barrel, when they join, they can shoot things or blow them up completely. Aspects of the 3 Princesses  33 
Lon Leigh  Human  Xanth  Stops loneliness for others    28 
Lone Wolf  Wolf  Two Moons    A wolf friend of Jenny on World of Two Moons  m13 
Long P Ants  Ant  Xanth    Pun  42 
Loni  Human  Xanth  Folk can`t agree on her hair color    22 
Lord of the Flies  Insect  Xanth    self-explaanatory 
Lorelei  Human  Xanth  change ages, but not size or mind  blue/black hair and eyes, average height, unimpressive. Age 12: talent to change ages, but not size or mind.  M44, 45 
Lorelei  Merwoman  Xanth    Cousin of Gorgan and Siren who found her way out of the void.  29 
Lorlai Fiona  Human  Xanth    Tiny baby, 4.7 months old. Creation of Olive Hue.  29 
Lorna  Lovebug  Xanth    Vinia`s host  46 
Lotus  Human  Xanth  Talks to Water Flowers  Twin sister of Azelea; girlfriend of Wade; was left in leaves as a baby. 15 year old girl.  30 
Loudspeaker  Curse Fiend  Xanth    Evil Curse Fiend Magician who turns the curses on his own folk.  m16, m25 
Lova Bull  Crossbreed  Xanth    Adora`s half-sister; bull head, human body  m35 
Lucidia Fieldspur  Human  Xanth  Changes Ordinary Stones Into Gemstones and Vice-Versa    27 
Lucifer  Demon  Hades      m13 
Lucky  Human  Xanth  luck  Suitor, feckless, talent to be lucky for a set time. Harmony`s gift: a charm that focuses and charms luck; takes the Dress.  M36 
Lullaby  Human  Xanth  Sings People to Sleep  Princess and Elder of Elasti City, a city which allied with Ragna.  32 
Lumberjack  Human  Xanth    A passing man of no consequence  20 
Luv Leigh  Human  Xanth  Makes anything lovely    28 
Ly  Human  Xanth  changes Mol`s random  Twin sister of Mol  25 
Lydell  Human  Xanth  changing color, texture, smell, taste of things  Young man—“of the open dell” Dell for short, . Age 21, nondescript light brown hair, brown eyes, forgettable face, nothing special physically or mentally.  M42 
Lydia  Human  Xanth Reality6  Interprets Dreams    30 
Lyn  Human  Xanth    Makes machines from inanimate objects  25 
Lyre  Human  Xanth    Has lied a lot, losing memories, because of a curse  37 
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KEY - Xanth Titles; so far, by the numbers: (Click on a Book Title & see more info on that book.)
1 A Spell For Chameleon [ASFC]  2 The Source Of Magic [TSOM]  3 Castle Roogna [CaR]  4 Centaur Aisle [CA] 
5 Ogre, Ogre [OO]  6 Night Mare [NM]  7 Dragon on a Pedestal [DOAP]  8 Crewel Lye [CL] 
9 Golem In The Gears [GITG]  10 Vale Of The Vole [VOTV]  11 Heaven Cent [HC]  12 Man From Mundania [MFM] 
13 Isle Of View [IOV]  14 Question Quest [QQ]  15 The Color Of Her Panties [TCOHP]  16 Demons Don't Dream [DDD] 
17 Harpy Thyme [HT]  18 Geis of the Gargoyle [GOTG]  19 Roc And A Hard Place [RAAHP]  20 Yon Ill Wind [YIW] 
21 Faun & Games [FAG]  22 Zombie Lover [ZL]  23 Xone Of Contention [XOC]  24 The Dastard [TD] 
25 Swell Foop [SF]  26 Up In a Heaval [UIAH]  27 Cube Route [CuR]  28 Currant Events [CE] 
29 Pet Peeve [PP]  30 Stork Naked [SN]  31 Air Apparent [AA]  32 Two to the Fifth [TTTF] 
33 Jumper Cable [JC]  34 Knot Gneiss [KG]  35 Well-Tempered Clavicle [WTC]  36 Luck of the Draw [LOTD] 
37 Esrever Doom [ED]  38 Board Stiff [BS]  39 Five Portraits [FP]  40 Isis Orb [IO] 
41 Ghost Writer in the Sky [GWITS]  42 Fire Sail [FS]  43 Jest Right [JR]  44 Skeleton Key [SK] 
45 A Tryst of Fate [TOF]  46 Six Crystal Princesses [SCP]  47 Apoca Lips (The Xanth Novels) [AL]   
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Doug Harter maintains the Xanth Character Database, updating it as new books in the Xanth series are released. Thanks to Piers Anthony, for letting me see some of his Character Notes, to Peg Rombach-Riggs who did the work creating the original table, Seajay who supplied the numbers, Dawn M. Burge for suggesting and helping Origin to be accomplished, and FNProgramvare's BookCat, which I use to store the Xanth Character info.
NOTE: No books will be included which are not released.

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