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# 32 - Two to the Fifth [TTTF]

The future of Xanth is in frightful peril. A powerful magical bird named Ragna Roc has embarked on a campaign to become absolute ruler of that mystical realm. Those who swear loyalty to him are spared. The rest have simply disappeared.

So powerful are Ragna's sorceries that even the Good Magician Humfrey dares not confront him directly. Instead he enlists Cyrus the Cyborg, a handsome half-human playwright with little knowledge of the world, in a stealthy subterfuge. Cyrus must assemble a troupe of traveling players to attract Ragna's interest. And hidden in disguise among the bevy of beautiful young actresses are the young princesses, Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm, whose magics might just be a match for the evil bird.

But Ragna has planted a spy in the midst of the troupe, one who knows their deepest secrets, including the true nature of Cyrus's forbidden love for one of the young princesses. Only a mysterious child called Kadence, and a cryptic clue - Two to the Fifth" - may give the companions the edge they need to defeat Ragna's dictatorial dreams.

Brimming with passion and merriment, drama and deception, Piers Anthony's thirty-second Xanth fantasy is a pun-packed performance sure to provoke applause and ovations from the series' myriad fans.

Major Characters

Character Name Species Origin Talent Notes First Chapter Mentioned
Melody Human Xanth singing/playing something real Daughter of Ivy and Grey, triplet 03
Harmony Human Xanth singing/playing something real Daughter of Ivy and Grey, triplet 03
Rhythm Human Xanth singing/playing something real  Daughter of Ivy and Grey; triplet sister of Melody and Harmony; betrothed to Cyrus when she gets old enough; mother of Kadence, she was 12 aged to 22 at the time; was called Rhyme while with the Troupe. 03
Curtis [DDD] Curse Fiend Xanth Boyfriend of Crabapple; man from the Curse Fiends, or Friends as he prefers, looking for neighbors to colonize the fringe of Lake Ogre-chobee. 04
Piper Dryad Xanth healing Daughter of Desiree Dryad and Hiatus 01
Sand Witch Human Xanth Girlfriend of Tuff Stuff; adoptive mother of Sand D; member of the troupe. single adoptive mother of Sand D 02
Cyrus Crossbreed Xanth Can Change One Thing in a Person`s Memory Son of Hannah Barbarian and Roland Robot; husband of Rhythm; human/robot or cyborg. Electronic brain and iron bones, but otherwise human. The groom. 01
Don Donkey Robot Xanth Cyrus`s steed and companion who has a circuit so Cyrus, if he wants, can see and hear what Don does. 01
Dusty Dust Devil Xanth Brother of Dusti 01
Xina Human Xanth Change Her Hair at Will Girlfriend of Guise; member of the troupe; some changes on her hair can be very scary or odoriferous 01
Acro Nymph Xanth Can Invoke or Control Acronyms Girlfriend of Jim; member of the troupe. 02
Dusti Dust Devil Xanth Sister of Dusty 02
Ragna Roc Xanth render things illusionary or return them to real A powerful Roc Magician who tried to take over Xanth by turning people into ghosts if they didn`t want to swear fealty to him. 03
Tuff Stuff Human Xanth Boyfriend of Sand Witch; Challenge 1 for Cyrus Cyborg, vendor selling stone; member of the troupe, male lead. 02
Melete Muse Xanth Cyrus`s Muse and Writer`s Block. Muse of Meditation 04
Lady Bug Insect Xanth Girlfriend of Gnonenity; member of the troupe, tending her afhid garden 05
Crabapple Crossbreed Xanth Girlfriend of Curtis (DDD); member of the troupe; very beautiful Crab/human crossbreed with crab pinchers for arms. 05
Rhyme Human Xanth See Rhythm 06
Kadence Human Xanth Aligning People and Things to a Cadence. Organization Daughter of Rhythm and Cyrus; due to a bad spell which accelerated time, she was delivered almost immediately and aged to 6 years old before Rhythm could stop the aging. 07
Guise Human Xanth makes clothing that makess its owner resemble whatever creature it emulates Boyfriend of Xina; member of the troupe, wardrobe and clothes designer 08
Jim Human Xanth makes food Boyfriend of Acro; member of the troupe, responsible for feeding the everyone 08
Dragon Lady [TTTF] Dragon Xanth Member of the troupe 10
Shaunna Human Xanth seldom scene, make things not seen In Unwelcome; member of the troupe, lighting and scene changer 12
Gnonenity Gnome Xanth Head of Gnobody Gnomes; boyfriend of Lady Bug; member of the troupe 13
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37 Esrever Doom [ED]  38 Board Stiff [BS]  39 Five Portraits [FP]  40 Isis Orb [IO] 
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Doug Harter maintains the Xanth Character Database, updating it as new books in the Xanth series are released. Thanks to Piers Anthony, for letting me see some of his Character Notes, to Peg Rombach-Riggs who did the work creating the original table, Seajay who supplied the numbers, Dawn M. Burge for suggesting and helping Origin to be accomplished, and FNProgramvare's BookCat, which I use to store the Xanth Character info.
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