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# 30 - Stork Naked [SN]

Surprise Golem has just lost her brand-new baby. The Stork assigned to deliver her eagerly awaited Bundle of Joy has inexplicably refused to surrender it, flying off instead through a hole in the fabric of reality.

Now, to track down her offspring, Surprise must lead an ill-assorted assemblage of confederates on a desperate quest through dozens of different Xanths. But sinister, unseen forces are determined to stop her. And in order to find her child, Surprise may have to lose her heart.

Startling, stimulating, stirring, and surprising, Stork Naked is a rollicking and revealing new fantasy adventure lusciously laced with dozens of dangers and delights, lovingly fashioned with all of Piers Anthony s celebrated storytelling skills.

Major Characters

Character Name Species Origin Talent Notes First Chapter Mentioned
Che Alicentaur Xanth Son of Chex and Cheiron; husband of Cynthia; chosen by the Simurgh for great things; destined to change the history of Xanth by tutoring her chick Sim. 02
Woe Betide Demoness Hades Metria`S alter ego, a sweet, winsome waif. Has alter-egos Mentia, Metria 02
Ted Crossbreed Xanth Son of Metria and Veleno now 21. . Handsome, well constructed, curly brown hair 01
DeMonica Crossbreed Xanth Daughter of Nada and Vore; hair changes without notice. Now 21. Dusky curvaceous beauty. 01
Surprise Crossbreed Xanth Many Daughter of Rapunzel and Grundy; wife of Umlaut; mother of Prize; delivered at age 6. With her talent, one never knows what magic will manifest. Initially she showed talents of size change, hair, changing objects, invisibility, and bringing nightfall, later, a whole paragraph more. However, she thinks she can only use each talent once. She now lives in Euphoria in Mundania. 01
Peeve Bird Xanth Bird who insults everyone in the voice of the person holding it. AKA Sickly Green or Pet Peeve 01
Stymy Stork Xanth Head stork; husband of Stymie; wouldn`t deliver Surprise`s baby because he said she was too young and had to help recover it. 01
Azalea Human Xanth Conversing with Land Flowers Twin sister of Lotus; might become the girlfriend of Ray; was left in leaves as a baby; raised by flower fairies; 15 year old girl. 02
Pyra Human Xanth Working with Fire Girlfriend of Finn; bursts into flame when she gets mad. 03
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Doug Harter maintains the Xanth Character Database, updating it as new books in the Xanth series are released. Thanks to Piers Anthony, for letting me see some of his Character Notes, to Peg Rombach-Riggs who did the work creating the original table, Seajay who supplied the numbers, Dawn M. Burge for suggesting and helping Origin to be accomplished, and FNProgramvare's BookCat, which I use to store the Xanth Character info.
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