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# 22 - Zombie Lover [ZL]

Horrors and Hilarity Collide as a Vivacious Young Visitor to Xanth Faces a Fate Far Worse than Death. Breanna, a beautiful young newcomer to the enchanted land of Zanth, must deal with a distressing dilemma. She has unwittingly attracted the affections of King Xeth, ruler of Xanth's Zombies, who yearns to make her Queen of the Undead! Her quest to preserve her innocence, and find her destiny, takes her on an exhilarating excursion packed with perils, puzzles, and piles of puns. Zombie Lover will provide a profusion of macabre merriment for Xanth's many fans.

Major Characters

Character Name Species Origin Talent Notes First Chapter Mentioned
Bink Human Xanth Protection from magic Son of Bianca and Roland; husband of Chameleon; father of Dor; who was banished for his apparent lack of talent but later recognized as Magician when the true nature of his powers became clear. At age 81, youthened to 21. 03
Dor Human Xanth Conversing with inanimate King of Human Xanth (20); son of Chameleon and Bink; husband of Irene; father of Ivy, Ida, and Dolph. He undertakes the tapestry adventure and befriends Jumper there. 03
Breanna Human Mundania See in blackness Wife of Justin; mother of Amber Dawn; Black Wave girl, age 15, lustrous black hair to waist, glowing green eyes, nice figure. 02
Justin Human/Tree Xanth Voice Projection Husband of Breanna; transformed by Evil Magician Trent into a tree and preferred being that way. His talent allows him to converse with untransformed folk. He takes over Zombie Castle with Breanna. 06
Dolph Human Xanth Shape Changing Son of Irene and Dor; brother of Ivy, younger; husband of Electra; can change his own form instantly, which is helpful in his many adventures, some incognito. He was once betrothed to Nada Naga and Electra at the same time. 03
Jenny Elf Elf Two Moons Singing visions Wife of Jeremy; mother of Jerry and Jone; an elf from the World of Two Moons, inadvertently visiting Xanth. Unlike Xanth`s elves, she has very pointed ears, four fingers, and is quite tall for an elf. Her talent allows her to sing visions into existence for sharing. 01
Mare Imbrium Day Mare Gourd Wife of Forrest; mother of Palus Putredinis by the Day Stallion; started out as a Night Mare and delivered bad dreams to sleepers until she became a Day Mare when she got half a soul; appears as a solid black horse in daylight and as a young woman wearing black in dreams but is dematerialized in darkness; also known as Imbri. 02
Tipsy Troll Xanth Cold shoulder Wife of Phil Istine; was on the Isle of Women: Female troll who is nevertheless decent. She helps Bink locate dream princes. 11
Jeremy Werewolf Xanth Son of Wolverton; husband of Jenny; Prince of the werewolves 12
KEY - Xanth Titles; so far, by the numbers: (Click on any Title for more info on that book)
1 A Spell For Chameleon [ASFC]  2 The Source Of Magic [TSOM]  3 Castle Roogna [CaR]  4 Centaur Aisle [CA] 
5 Ogre, Ogre [OO]  6 Night Mare [NM]  7 Dragon on a Pedestal [DOAP]  8 Crewel Lye [CL] 
9 Golem In The Gears [GITG]  10 Vale Of The Vole [VOTV]  11 Heaven Cent [HC]  12 Man From Mundania [MFM] 
13 Isle Of View [IOV]  14 Question Quest [QQ]  15 The Color Of Her Panties [TCOHP]  16 Demons Don't Dream [DDD] 
17 Harpy Thyme [HT]  18 Geis of the Gargoyle [GOTG]  19 Roc And A Hard Place [RAAHP]  20 Yon Ill Wind [YIW] 
21 Faun & Games [FAG]  22 Zombie Lover [ZL]  23 Xone Of Contention [XOC]  24 The Dastard [TD] 
25 Swell Foop [SF]  26 Up In a Heaval [UIAH]  27 Cube Route [CuR]  28 Currant Events [CE] 
29 Pet Peeve [PP]  30 Stork Naked [SN]  31 Air Apparent [AA]  32 Two to the Fifth [TTTF] 
33 Jumper Cable [JC]  34 Knot Gneiss [KG]  35 Well-Tempered Clavicle [WTC]  36 Luck of the Draw [LOTD] 
37 Esrever Doom [ED]  38 Board Stiff [BS]  39 Five Portraits [FP]  40 Isis Orb [IO] 
41 Ghost Writer in the Sky [GWITS]  42 Fire Sail [FS]  43 Jest Right [JR]  44 Skeleton Key [SK] 
45 A Tryst of Fate [TOF]  46 Six Crystal Princesses [SCP]  47 Apoca Lips (The Xanth Novels) [AL]   
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Doug Harter maintains the Xanth Character Database, updating it as new books in the Xanth series are released. Thanks to Piers Anthony, for letting me see some of his Character Notes, to Peg Rombach-Riggs who did the work creating the original table, Seajay who supplied the numbers, Dawn M. Burge for suggesting and helping Origin to be accomplished, and FNProgramvare's BookCat, which I use to store the Xanth Character info.
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