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# 21 - Faun & Games [FAG]

In his latest Xanth adventure, Faun & Games, Anthony reveals an amazing new facet of this fabulous realm never before suspected. Astonishing as it seems, orbiting the head of Princess Ida of Castle Roogna is a tiny miniature planet called Ptero, where everything in Xanth that ever was, or might be, can be found! For Forrest Faun, a young satyr searching for a suitable spirit to save a magical tree, Ptero may well be his only hope. When he offers to do a service for the Good Magician Humfrey in exchange for an Answer to his Question, that wise wizard refuses. Instead, he sends Forrest a remarkable companion to guide him to this remarkable world-within-a-world. Imbri is a "day more", an enchanted magical steed who can conjure extraordinary dreams and assume the form of an enchanting young woman. Together she and Forrest set off on an adventure-filled quest. But Ptero has some surprises for the travelers. Since the planet lacks sun and stars, its directions are marked instead by colors. Time behaves in a most unpredictable fashion, creatures are seldom what they seem, and no one ever does anything without receiving something in return. The land is broken by comic strips filled with punnish perils and infested with strange beings, including contrary Centaurs and ogling Ogres. And, in a diminutive castle on this microscopic world, Forrest and Imbri are at last given a Service by a minuscule Good Magician: to help two pert and flirty young princesses, Dawn and Eve, save their world from marginalization. But to achieve this goal, they must go deeper still into the hidden realms of Xanth - to the paradoxical planet of Pyramid, which is to Ptero as that world is to Xanth. There, at last, Forrest Faun will find his heart's desire and discover that the secrets he seeks have been far closer than he had ever imagined.

Major Characters

Character Name Species Origin Talent Notes First Chapter Mentioned
Ida Human Xanth Ideas that come true Daughter of Irene and Dor; sister of Ivy, lost twin, and Dolph; was raised as a foundling by kind otterbees. Her talent lets her make ideas come true, but only if they come from someone who doesn`t know about her gift. She later acquires a tiny world, Ptero, that orbits her head. 08
Forrest Faun Xanth Husband of Mare Imbrium; faun for a tree, protecting it and being supported by it; symbiotic 01
Dawn Human Xanth knowledge of the animate, tell anything about any living thing Daughter of Electra and Dolph; sister of Eve, twin; wife of Picka Bone. Seen as a lovely age 18 in Faun and Games. Plays an ocarina. 03
Eve Human Xanth Knowledge of inanimate Daughter of Electra and Dolph; sister of Dawn, twin; wife of Pluto. Her Magician caliber talent enables her to tell anything about any inanimate thing. Seen as a lovely age 18 in Faun and Games. Plays panpipes. 03
Mare Imbrium Day Mare Gourd Wife of Forrest; mother of Palus Putredinis by the Day Stallion; started out as a Night Mare and delivered bad dreams to sleepers until she became a Day Mare when she got half a soul; appears as a solid black horse in daylight and as a young woman wearing black in dreams but is dematerialized in darkness; also known as Imbri. 03
Ghina Crossbreed Pyramid Putting folk to sleep Daughter of Gloha and Graeboe; is iInvisible; human aspect; lives on Red Face. 10
Jfraya Human Pyramid Drawing a door that opens On the Green Face 10
KEY - Xanth Titles; so far, by the numbers: (Click on any Title for more info on that book)
1 A Spell For Chameleon [ASFC]  2 The Source Of Magic [TSOM]  3 Castle Roogna [CaR]  4 Centaur Aisle [CA] 
5 Ogre, Ogre [OO]  6 Night Mare [NM]  7 Dragon on a Pedestal [DOAP]  8 Crewel Lye [CL] 
9 Golem In The Gears [GITG]  10 Vale Of The Vole [VOTV]  11 Heaven Cent [HC]  12 Man From Mundania [MFM] 
13 Isle Of View [IOV]  14 Question Quest [QQ]  15 The Color Of Her Panties [TCOHP]  16 Demons Don't Dream [DDD] 
17 Harpy Thyme [HT]  18 Geis of the Gargoyle [GOTG]  19 Roc And A Hard Place [RAAHP]  20 Yon Ill Wind [YIW] 
21 Faun & Games [FAG]  22 Zombie Lover [ZL]  23 Xone Of Contention [XOC]  24 The Dastard [TD] 
25 Swell Foop [SF]  26 Up In a Heaval [UIAH]  27 Cube Route [CuR]  28 Currant Events [CE] 
29 Pet Peeve [PP]  30 Stork Naked [SN]  31 Air Apparent [AA]  32 Two to the Fifth [TTTF] 
33 Jumper Cable [JC]  34 Knot Gneiss [KG]  35 Well-Tempered Clavicle [WTC]  36 Luck of the Draw [LOTD] 
37 Esrever Doom [ED]  38 Board Stiff [BS]  39 Five Portraits [FP]  40 Isis Orb [IO] 
41 Ghost Writer in the Sky [GWITS]  42 Fire Sail [FS]  43 Jest Right [JR]  44 Skeleton Key [SK] 
45 A Tryst of Fate [TOF]  46 Six Crystal Princesses [SCP]  47 Apoca Lips (The Xanth Novels) [AL]   
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Doug Harter maintains the Xanth Character Database, updating it as new books in the Xanth series are released. Thanks to Piers Anthony, for letting me see some of his Character Notes, to Peg Rombach-Riggs who did the work creating the original table, Seajay who supplied the numbers, Dawn M. Burge for suggesting and helping Origin to be accomplished, and FNProgramvare's BookCat, which I use to store the Xanth Character info.
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