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# 7 - Dragon on a Pedestal [DOAP]

There is trouble in Xanth again. The Gap Dragon had escaped and was ravaging across the land, the forget-spell was causing mass amnesia, three-year old Ivy was headed right for a hungry dragon. Could things get any worse? Probably....

Major Characters

Character Name Species Origin Talent Notes First Chapter Mentioned
Stanley Steamer Dragon Xanth See Gap Dragon 05
Grundy Golem Xanth Conversing with all living creatures Husband of Rapunzel; father of Surprise; small man-figure fashioned from wood, clay, rags, and other bits of refuse who later comes to life; affectionately tolerated, despite being a remarkable insulter. 04
Gorgon Gorgon Xanth Turning creatures to stone Sister of Siren; wife of Humfrey (5); mother of Hugo; personification of the feminine promise and threat to men; sight of Gorgon`s face turned at first just males and eventually all creatures to stone, except Humfrey; part-time actress in Curse Friend`s plays. 01
Ivy Human Xanth Enhancement King of Human Xanth (21), third female king; daughter of Irene and Dor; twin sister of Ida, and Dolph; wife of Grey; Her talent causes the qualities she perceives to intensify. She is also unique in having befriended the Gap Dragon, whom she calls Stanley Steamer. 01
Irene [CaR] Human Xanth Green Thumb Daughter of Iris and Trent; wife of Dor; mother of Ivy. Ida, and Dolph. Originally a sub-magician and later a full Sorceress. Her talent causes plants to grow rapidly, completing full life cycles in minutes. She has green hair. 01
Zora Human Xanth Accelerating aging in others Wife of Xavier; heroic zombie who committed suicide in her first life. Later, thanks to love, and the aid of Gorgon, she gradually began to return to normal. 04
Hugo Human Xanth Conjuring rotten fruit Son of Gorgon and Humfrey; husband of Wira; seems unimpressive at first, but with the help of Ivy`s enhancing skills, comes into his own magically and intellectually. Found out that he had a seed from a mediocri-tree in his ear. When he got rid of it, all his fruit was good. 01
Chem Centaur Xanth Projecting maps Daughter of Cherie and Chester; mother of Chex by Xap; manifests a map in thin air of anything she has seen. 01
Xap Hippogryph Xanth Mate of Chem; father of Chex; golden colored, with the torso of a griffin, and the body of a horse. He is Xavier`s companion. 06
Xavier Human Xanth Zapping things Son of Xanthippe; husband of Zora; zaps things merely by pointing at them. He is robust and has a yellow complexion. 06
KEY - Xanth Titles; so far, by the numbers: (Click on any Title for more info on that book)
1 A Spell For Chameleon [ASFC]  2 The Source Of Magic [TSOM]  3 Castle Roogna [CaR]  4 Centaur Aisle [CA] 
5 Ogre, Ogre [OO]  6 Night Mare [NM]  7 Dragon on a Pedestal [DOAP]  8 Crewel Lye [CL] 
9 Golem In The Gears [GITG]  10 Vale Of The Vole [VOTV]  11 Heaven Cent [HC]  12 Man From Mundania [MFM] 
13 Isle Of View [IOV]  14 Question Quest [QQ]  15 The Color Of Her Panties [TCOHP]  16 Demons Don't Dream [DDD] 
17 Harpy Thyme [HT]  18 Geis of the Gargoyle [GOTG]  19 Roc And A Hard Place [RAAHP]  20 Yon Ill Wind [YIW] 
21 Faun & Games [FAG]  22 Zombie Lover [ZL]  23 Xone Of Contention [XOC]  24 The Dastard [TD] 
25 Swell Foop [SF]  26 Up In a Heaval [UIAH]  27 Cube Route [CuR]  28 Currant Events [CE] 
29 Pet Peeve [PP]  30 Stork Naked [SN]  31 Air Apparent [AA]  32 Two to the Fifth [TTTF] 
33 Jumper Cable [JC]  34 Knot Gneiss [KG]  35 Well-Tempered Clavicle [WTC]  36 Luck of the Draw [LOTD] 
37 Esrever Doom [ED]  38 Board Stiff [BS]  39 Five Portraits [FP]  40 Isis Orb [IO] 
41 Ghost Writer in the Sky [GWITS]  42 Fire Sail [FS]  43 Jest Right [JR]  44 Skeleton Key [SK] 
45 A Tryst of Fate [TOF]  46 Six Crystal Princesses [SCP]  47 Apoca Lips (The Xanth Novels) [AL]   
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Doug Harter maintains the Xanth Character Database, updating it as new books in the Xanth series are released. Thanks to Piers Anthony, for letting me see some of his Character Notes, to Peg Rombach-Riggs who did the work creating the original table, Seajay who supplied the numbers, Dawn M. Burge for suggesting and helping Origin to be accomplished, and FNProgramvare's BookCat, which I use to store the Xanth Character info.
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